The plot sucks...

But the killings are gorgeous.

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oh look. it’s just Fassy & Hemsworth hanging out backstage. no big deal.

& it’s horrible quality but that’s okay bc it’s like catching a unicorn cry on camera. 

effin’ rare.

hmm… me gusta.

If Hiddleston would have popped up out of nowhere for no reason, this would have been the trifecta of doom. DOOM, I tell you.

And jfc Hemsworth, you tower over everyone. This kind of amuses me more than it should.

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I honestly see no difference between these two pictures.

//giggling like a fucker//


Yes, I don’t see any difference either. ^^

#One should take care as not to photograph the sharks with the flash in use #Their eyes are very sensitive to low-light conditions and can often become quite irritated

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Michael Fassbender dancing

Mike being the amazing person that he is!

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James McAvoy or Michael Fassbender?


If you had the choice:

Would you:

(A) Fuck James McAvoy OR Michael Fassbender? (‘or’ being the key word, not ‘and’. You can only pick one)


(B) Watch them fuck each other?

I am seriously interested to know. And if your answer is (A), then which one?

(C) All of the above?



I guess if I HAAAAAAAAD to pick… uh… Michael Fassbender? IDK!!! :(

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